Megametropolis Shanghai

IMG_7893A rather short stay of 72h in this 30 million megametropolis. I mostly came to visit my cousin Kirsten and her lovely family plus Zino, a French friend living in Shanghai since many years now. Not much sightseeing, rather some quality time with those people, including some great chinese food.
Yet I managed to take a few nice skyline photos, see for your self. What was frightening me is that even from the 91 floor of one of the skyscrapers, I did not manage to see an end to this ever growing city. It’s an urban monstrosity that you can hardly escape and I personally could not imagine living in a place like this. But for other people it’s a vibrant cultural city, providing¬†interesting career opportunities and a modern lifestyle, only hampered by the more or less daily smog alerts.

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