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Trondheim: students, food and log cabins

Back in Oslo Simon and I had cycled up the new opera house. On the roof we met another Simon, a Suisse guy who was studying for one semester in Trondheim and who was visiting Oslo for the national day weekend. We got to talk a bit about cycle touring and he invited us to stay in his student flat in Trondheim once we’d get there. And that’s exactly where I stayed for my 6 days in Trondheim. There were 4 others sharing the flat with Simon, three Dutch and a Nepalese and so it was always a vibrant place to be with unexpected parties, long cooking sessions and interesting discussions motivated by cultural differences.
We’d go see the town, go fishing and enjoy a pizza buffet. Then Dorit came to visit for the weekend and we’d leave for a trip to one of the university’s log cabins somewhere in the woods around Trondheim. The bad weather wouldn’t bother us as there was enough wood to heat up the cabin and the sauna next to it. A cold bath in the lake, a nice dinner and generally a very relaxed atmosphere and our little escape into the nature was perfect.

Thank you Simon, for hosting us and for arranging the cabin trip. And thank you Dorit, for taking it up on you to travel so far for a short but lovely weekend.

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