Noisy South America

Back in Ecuador we were told that even in Patagonia, we wouldn’t find quiet places very often. People in South America apparently had a different conception of noise and of socialising. An example: You’re somewhere in the nature and build up your camp. There’s lots of space available and nobody around. Then some local tourist arrive, park their car directly next to yours, start a party with loud music, laughter and many drinks. Of course, they’d invite you to join, but all you were looking for in the first place was nature and tranquillity. It’s not like they are trying to be unfriendly, in their eyes they are doing you a favour by enriching your evening.

Later on the Carretera Austral we met a guy who had started cycling in Alaska. He told us that once he got asked to describe South America in one word. He chose “noisy”. We do agree to some extent, but we also experienced so may days of perfect loneliness and peace in Patagonia.

In the following video, taken in La Paz, Bolivia, it’s not just exotic music. There are actually two bands playing next to each other. A small one in the shadow of the tree at the right and one with dancers and even a singer in the bottom part. Our contribution to this topic.

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