To our friends – Cecilia and Pablo

DSC06296While I’m a little stiff when it comes to meeting new people, especially the ones above my generation, Dorit is very upfront and warm-hearted with the older ones. And so we got to know Cecilia and Pablo on the campsite in Rio Puelo just before the New Year. We exchanged avocados, chocolate, bread and biscuits and shared a nice New Year’s meal together along with the other Pablo from Santiago (our trout hero) and everybody else from the campsite. And since everything was so nice and easy going, they invited us to come and see them in Santiago. Of course we wouldn’t say no to a chance to visit some locals and to get a glimpse into their lives, but Cecilia and Pablo were extremely welcoming and generous and so a short visit became a whole week. We’d have long discussions in English, Spanish and German (Pablo is fluent in German and was happy to freshen it up with us) and share delicious meals, we’d go to the cinema together and discover Santiago’s surroundings, they’d show us their own print shop in full detail and their love for photography and as a highlight we went to see Cecilia’s lovely parents in a little town 2 hours from Santiago and experience a real Chilean Rodeo.
When it was time for us to move on, there were some red eyes on both sides. Thank you so much for such a great time in Santiago, we hope to see you again someday!

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