Finally the month has been passing by too fast. Even though I knew it before it seems that it did not really made a difference. Still, plenty of things have happened and I really enjoyed the time I spent with the family, mine and David’s.
We’ve chosen a great moment to go on a canoe trip at my sister’s place in the “Uckermäkische Seenplatte”: being chased by a real impressive thunderstorm while being on the final spurt to drop the boats, beautiful sun the next 2 days,  a lot of creativity when inventing new songs (well done Lina) and simply a lot of fun in, on, under and around the boats and in the floodgates.

A week afterwards we met most of David’s family on the the small Northern German island of Föhr. To be honest, I have been only once to the North Sea in Germany and I really enjoyed the time over there. Unfortunately we were not blessed with the best weather and temperatures were almost halved compared to what other tourists enjoyed the week before. Nevertheless, I fully enjoyed the weather for which this region is famous for and I found it very authentic though. I did my first walk through the tideland from Föhr to Amrum. An amazing walk where we explored the wadden sea with all it’s animals: crayfish, wadden worms and huge oyster shells far bigger than my hands were. I think being on a sabbatical made me feel a bit like a tourist in my home country and I so enjoyed it.

And of course we have spent plenty of time with family and friends. I’ve travelled most of Germany: from the north to the east to the south and then to the west. Thanks to everybody for having me. Thanks to my mum who helped me to organise my bag and sorry that we did not manage to do all the things we wanted. I think finally I am more nervous than I wanted to admit to myself.

I started to live from the few things which fit into my 45l rucksack. More than 50% of it are filled with essential things: first aid kit, sleeping bag, towel, fully rain proof clothes. It shocked me how little clothes I space was left for my clothes. It was the time to admit that I won’t be a fashion queen for the next 7 months, giving up this little luxury and accepting that I won’t suit the catwalk with my hiking shoes and my super comfi stretch jeans. What should I say: I am absolutely ready to head off to South America. Well, next stop: Ecuador.

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