Powder day in La Grave

IMG_4553In between the two trips to South Africa and New Zealand, I had 5 days in France. Dorit and I decided to spend two of these days for some quality snowboarding plus a little spa and of course just the two of us. It took us to the freerider’s gem “La Grave”, a resort I had only visited once (4 years ago with Hugues) and that was still unknown to Dorit. It’s a place to go to when there’s plenty of fresh powder plus a good visibility, since you won’t ski on any slopes here, you’ll only follow some rare signposts and descend the mountain anywhere you want. So normally you wouldn’t book this place in advance, since you can’t be sure about the conditions, but Dorit and I got very lucky with the snow fairy. We had one day of constant snowfall (30cm) followed by glorious sunshine. Magic!

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