Karimunjawa – or how to recover from Java

DCIM100MEDIAFor our last few days in Indonesia we decided to leave the overpopulated island of Java and to take a ferry to a group of 27 islands north of central Java known as Karimunjawa. It turned out to be a wise idea, as the immense traffic, the crowded cities and the pollution of central Java had stressed us quite a bit. Yes, it had also been a rich experience in the vibrant heart of the Indonesian culture, but not one that I can withstand for long. And Karimunjawa took the stress away within the first few hours of arrival.




f42520320Via internet I had gotten into contact with a German Indonesian couple that had decided to live close to the main island of the archipelago and that’s happy to rent out one of their rooms. As they already had visitors they organised us another homestay far away from the tourist spots, a little bamboo cottage next to a little private beach and a reef for snorkeling. The accommodation was simple, yet just as comfortable as any places we had stayed at during our trip throughout Java. The local family cooked for us whenever we were hungry and served us fresh coconuts and other drinks. We had two canoes to paddle out the riff and a scooter the ride around on the island. We’d go see a shark pool and make a day tour on a little boat to discover some of the smaller islands and reefs nearby. The three days would be over much too quickly, but were worth every minute spent. Total relaxation before coming back to France. Thank you, Karimunjawa!


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  1. Go to Karimunjawa? Excellent, go for it! Karimunjawa is an amazing place on earth. my suggestion if you want to go there Monday or tomorrow take a fast boat .. for if friday and saturday often run out of tickets. regards

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