We didn’t take much time for Tokyo, 2 days to be exact. It was our introduction to the Japanese culture, in a city that seems so overly interesting for most tourists in Japan. I’m fairly sure that it’s our own fault, because 2 days simply wasn’t enough, but we didn’t really get warm to Japan’s mega metropolis. Too big, too many people, nothing to hold on to. Or maybe the grey weather throughout most of the time? The feeling of being trapped in an ocean of buildings? The night-life we pretty much missed out on?

IMG_6704Still we did see quite a bit of Tokyo, like the Asakusa quarter, the overly famous Shibuya crossing, spent hours strolling through the many parks, their shrines and palaces or what’s left of it. Yet our highlights were the Edo Museum that got us a lot closer to Tokyo’s identity and an evening on a search for a vegetarian restaurant where we ended up in a tiny one man bar where the other local and overly friendly guests were trying to start conversations with us. On both sides we were heavily struggling with the language barrier though, so the topics like our forthcoming hiking trips died quickly due to the lack of vocabulary, but the joint effort in offering the local drink specialities kept us going for a lot longer. A fun evening!


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