Cycling up Mt. Wellinton (1271m) with a 3-speed gear hub?

Budget travelling sometimes creates weird ideas… The initial plan was to hire a mountain bike, cycle up to the top of this iconic mountain next to Hobart, enjoy the view and then have a real blast on the well known single tracks back down to Hobart. Now the only mountain bikes we found for hiring were some crazy enduro machines for $100 a day. Definitely NOT an option.

To explain our solution a bit further… There is a modern art gallery a bit further out of Hobart and to get there in a green way, there are bicycles to rent in the town center FOR FREE. Bikes for free? Not exactly mountain bikes though, rather 3-speed city bikes and you’re not allowed to go off-road, but still… for a budget traveler this is an unbeatable option.

It was hard work though, the lowest gear was not made for steep uphill, but once we had reached the top, we enjoyed our achievement nonetheless.

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